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Air Jet Sieving Machine JS 1100 (Touchscreen)

Air Jet Sieving Machine JS 1100 is one of the best solutions to separate and deagglomerate sample particles. It has a special nozzle which helps in ensuring good results. JS 1100 can be used in applications like Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastic, rubber, detergent, minerals, pigment, toner, ceramics, food etc.

Standard Features of Air Jet Sieving Machine JS 1100

  • Separation, Fractioning, Particle size determination.

  • Air Jet Technology for dispersion and Deagglomeration.

  • Air Jet produced by powerful industrial vacuum cleaner.

  • Unique Nozzle Movement design function.

  • Built-in Graphical 5" Touchscreen Display

  • Max. Loading size 0.3g to 100g

  • Measuring range 5µm to 5mm

  • Standard Sieves in dia. of 203mm (8") or 200mm

  • 9 Standard operating procedures (SOPs) memory

  • Quick Start Mode for quick sieving without entering parameters.

  • Digitally controlled adjustment of all process parameters.

  • Time 001-999 min. Vacuum 20-99 mbar/0.3-1.45 psi.

  • Speed 5-55 min -1 (nozzle).

  • Options of Automatic Vacuum regulation.

  • Option of Cyclone accessory for Sample retrieval.

  • Option of Smart Screening Software

  • RS232 and Balance Interface.

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Vibratory Sieve Shaker VS1100 (Touchscreen)

Vibratory Sieve Shaker VS1100 can be used for sieving any kind of inorganic and organic substances such as sand, rocks, clay, granite, feldspar, coal, soil, various powder, grains, seeds, and other solid particles. It is suitable for both dry & Wet samples.

Standard Features of Vibratory Sieve Shaker VS1100

  • Separation, Fractioning, Particle size determination

  • Electromagnetic Drive with unique sieving with 3D motion

  • Built-In 5" Touchscreen Display

  • Max. Feed capacity up to 3 Kg

  • Measuring Range 20µm — 25mm

  • Sieve Diameters 100/150/200/203 mm (8")

  • 9 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) memory

  • Digital amplitude setting range 0.2 to 3 mm

  • Digital Sieving time operation setting 01 — 99min

  • Continuous & Intermittent mode of operations

  • Digital interval setting range 01--99 sec with Pause 01-9sec

  • Max. Number of fractions 9/17 (200 or 203/100 mm Sieves)

  • Test Sieves with Certificate 20µm — 25mm

  • Option of Wet Sieving accessories

  • Option of Smart Screening Software

  • RS232 and Balance Interface

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