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ChromSwordAuto® 5

ChromSwordAuto® 5: Communicates directly with the HPLC instrument in order to create a fully automated HPLC or UHPLC method development station. The unique ChromSwordAuto® software is capable of developing and optimising HPLC methods fully automatically within just a few hours. Methods already in use can also be optimised, thus reducing analysis time considerably. All you have to do is place the sample in the autosampler, set a few parameters and start the optimisation process. ChromSwordAuto® then predicts the method conditions and controls the HPLC system connected in recording the chromatograms. These are analysed by the software and the optimal conditions determined. The rapid optimisation mode can be used to provide an overview of the performance of the column/solvent system selected or to rapidly screen columns and eluents considered for use. The fine optimisation mode additionally collects and evaluates further ancillary data and produces up to 10 sets of alternative optimal HPLC conditions. Both of these operating modes can be applied in combination with column and solving switching procedures in order to try a variety of column/solvent combinations or to establish optimal pH conditions – fully automatically.

Main features include

  • Automatic optimisation of isocratic conditions, linear and multi-step gradients

  • Automated methods screening with different column/solvent/buffer/temperature combinations

  • Works with 1 to 10 different columns, 1 to 3 organic solvents, 1 to 16 buffers, different temperature and flow rates

  • Automatic search for impurities (0,01 area% ) and maximum number of peaks

  • Automatic optimisation of separation of only target compounds or only the main ingredient from other compounds

  • Automated peak tracking using UV, DAD or MS data

  • Automated reporting results

ChromSword® AutoRobust 5

ChromSword® AutoRobust enables you to explore stability of HPLC methods fully automatically. After finishing method development with ChromSword®, you can start AutoRobust with all method parameters specified automatically. It is only necessary to specify variables to be tested, range of a level and a procedure to test one parameter at a time or several and choose a design of experiments method.

ReportViewer 5:

ReportViewer is a data manager application and also a navigation tool that is included in ChromSwordAuto® and AutoRobust. It provides a graphical user interface for accessing chromatograms, spectra, methods and integration results. It makes it easier to navigate through method development, robustness study and routine analysis projects.

Hitachi Edition:

Includes driver for Hitachi Chromaster and ChromasterUltra Rs only.




























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