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Leak Tester Apparatus

Leak Tester Apparatus(LT1001)

LABINDIA Vacuum Leak Tester 1001 is designed with utmost precision using top notch quality material and advanced equipments. Our Leak Tester comprises a polycarbonate desiccators housing to sustain the vacuum for long time.
Leak Tester apparatus finds wide application in numerous industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc.

20 Test and 10 Methods with date and time are stored in Labindia leak tester 1001. It has a Vacuum Range of upto 600 mm Hg. There is choice of in built balance or an external balance can be connected. 3 Tier Password Protection with easy calibration and validation.

Standard Features of LEAK TESTER

  • 128 X 64 Monochrome Graphical Display.

  • Alphanumeric Keypad.

  • 20 Test and 10 Methods with date and time available.

  • Supplied in SS body.

  • Selectable Pressure Units.

  • LAN , RS - 232 ,Parallel Printer , External 80/48 Column and 40 Column Built in Mini Dot Matrix Printer available.

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