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VWR® Hitachi Fluorescence Spectrophotometer F-7100

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer F 7100

F-7100 is the evolution of the robust and reliable F-7000 with the latest optical technology and improved analytical performance.

  • "Best-in-Class" Analytical Signal-to-Noise
  • Industry leading lamp lifetime
  • "Best-in-Class" Analytical Signal-to-Noise. 360 of S/N (P-P) and > 1,200 of S/N (RMS)

Comparison of SN with conventional instruments

Comparison of S/N with conventional instruments
The S/N via Raman scattering of water is compared with conventional instruments*1.
In addition to the 1.5x higher sensitivity, weak signals are detectable due to very low noise levels.
This is also observed in high-speed scanning, which is a widely utilized function of the F-7000 series.

An example of the high sensitivity analysis for fluorescein is shown. The F-7100 detected fluorescence in the order of 1x10-13 mol/L (sub-picomol) compared with a blank sample (purified water); a useful calibration was obtained in the ultra-trace range.

Example of SN measurement result

Example of S/N measurement result

The automatic sensitivity (S/N) measurement via Raman scattering of water demonstrates "Best-in-Class" analytical sensitivity.

  • Industry leading lamp lifetime lifetime of 2,500 hours*2

Comparison of lamp lifetimes

Comparison of lamp lifetimes

With the application of the new Xe lamp and the improved lamp ignition power source, both luminance and the lamp lifetime were increased.

Increased lamp lifetime reduces operating Cost-of-Ownership and instrument service time.

  • 3D time change measurement mode capable of following time changes at multiple wavelengths
  • Continuously variable voltage photomultiplier with a sixth order dynamic range important for the analysis of unknown samples
  • Report generator offered as optional software for customization in a free format after data processing
  • The potential of the new fluorescence analysis has expanded in a wide range of fields such as industrial material, environmental, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fields

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