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Laboratory Glassware Washer

Laboratory Glassware Washer M1

Laboratory Glassware Washer as the name suggests is the equipment used to clean the laboratory Glassware equipment. The glassware washer is one of the important equipment in the laboratory as it helps in eliminating any contamination that can be caused due to unclean apparatuses.

Smart Wash M1 is one range of the laboratory glassware washers from Labindia. The washing temperature of this glassware washer goes up to 95°C. The user has been given an option of choosing from cold water, hot water and demineralized water as per the requirement of the Laboratory glassware to be cleaned. Along with the Washer; RS232 Connector, SD card, Printer, Pure booster pump are some of the accessories that are made available with Smart Wash M1.

Standard Features of Laboratory Glassware Washer Smart Wash M1

  • Circulation pump Flow Rate 500L/min.

  • Chamber Volume 170 Litre with two level.

  • Washing temperature from Room Temperature to 95°C.

  • Chamber, Spray arms & tank filters are made from high grade 316 stainless steel.

  • Stainless steel waterproof keyboard with large display, easy to read text on display for hassle – free operation.

  • Two peristaltic pump.

  • 35 Standard & 100 customizable program.

  • High visible glass door with integrated light in chamber.

  • ITL automatic induction door technology.

  • Two Sprayer for internal & external Glassware cleaning.

  • Leakage & over temperature protection facility available.

  • Steam Condenser & temperature Sensor is inbuilt with 0.1°C accuracy.

  • Multi-stage filtration system is highly efficient in removing particulate from water in circulation.

  • Conductivity monitoring ensures required water quality.

  • Program protected by password protection facility.

  • An upstream class HEPA filter ensures the reliable removal of particles from the air taken in for drying.

  • Connection to Tap Water/Hot Water & Purified water available.

  • Electronic voltage power:
    1/N 220V-50HZ/4KW
    3/N 400V-50HZ/9KW

  • Dimension (HWD) 835*617*765mm

  • Washing Chamber Dimension(HWD) 557*540*550

  • RS232 port for connecting to a printer or PC.

  • Maximum glassware load can occupy in single run which saves time, storage space & costs.

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