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VWR® Hitachi ChromasterUltra RS UHPLC

A new UHPLC, designed for a new era, has emerged to lend indispensable support to your research.

We set out to view the issues from a new angle; visualizing the future with no preconceptions. Toward the realization of high resolution and high sensitivity, achieved through advanced technologies, our daring approach resulted in the ChromasterUltra Rs.

The future of UHPLC starts here and now.


  • High resolution analysis is realized through the world's highest system pressure (140 MPa) *1
  • World-class analysis when combined with the high resolution separation column (LaChromUltra II) for UHPLC, which has 50,000 theoretical plates
  • High sensitivity and high resolution stand side by side thanks to the total reflection capillary flow cell design
  • A system compatible with both HPLC and UHPLC analyses
  • Features designed for operational excellence including the MEM column fitting(optional) with 140 MPa system pressure tolerance, the built-in Waste Tank, etc.
    *1: Among models sold in Japan, surveyed by Hitachi High-Technologies as of July 2013

UHPLC will support HPLC analyses

Excellent performance up to 140 MPa system pressure

Stable solvent delivery is realized for a broad range of pressure, as high as 140 MPa, by incorporating a new control technology (LBT: Liquid Beat Technology) into the Binary pump. Even for gradient analysis under high pressures, highly reproducible analyses are available. Moreover, ultra fast analyses are supported by improving the gradient response using an extremely low system volume.

Stable solvent delivery allows a broad range of analyses from UHPLC to HPLC

Stable solvent delivery is realized, independent of pressure and solvent composition, by incorporating LBT control and by correcting the bulk modulus of solvent. Stable analyses are achieved with 5 µm columns, 3 µm columns, and 1.9 µm columns.

High resolution

It has been generally accepted that high resolution analyses of impurities and structural analogs of synthetic compounds, such as medicines and chiral molecules, are challenging, even with UHPLC. Now, however, the newly developed high resolution column, LaChromUltra II, designed for UHPLC applications with system pressures up to 140 MPa can achieve more advanced separation analyses and industry-leading performance.

High sensitivity

A total reflection type capillary flow cell is incorporated into the diode array detector to cope with the increasing need for high sensitivity analyses of hazardous substances, genotoxic impurities, etc.

A high sensitivity flow cell with an optical path length of 65 mm is also available. In addition to high sensitivity analyses, carryover is reduced through the use of a double corkscrew mixer.

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