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Potentiometric Auto Titrator (Titra+)

Labindia Analytical Potentiometric Titrator Titra+ comes with quick interchangeable imported burette assemblies with intelligent recognition for its volume size.This potentiometric autotitrator is perfect for all types of industrial applications. The Titra+ has composite differential electrode amplifier unit for potentiometric and voltametric/Karl Fisher titration having connectivity to various electrodes.

Three standard modes of titration namely incremental, equilibrium and cut-off mode is provided to perform all types of titrations. There is a real time clock for time display and report printout with run time indication. With a balance interface to directly transfer the weight. 50 methods can be stored and report of method parameter can be printed in Titra+.

Standard Features of Automatic Titrator

  • Imported burette assembly of various sizes (5/10/25 ml) with NIST traceability.

  • Perform all types of titrations including Acid- Base, Non-aq, Redox, Complexometric, Precipitation as well as pH STAT Titrations.

  • Storage Facility for 50 methods.

  • GLP compliant printouts of results, data table, graphs etc. with alphanumeric entries of sample name, titrant name, identification no. & date for report authentication.

  • Auto calculation of results in various selectable units.

  • Can be used as a simple pH meter with display of pH, mV and temperature values.

  • PC Compatibility - Software & built in balance interface.

  • Two-tier password facility (admin and user) to protect stored methods from any misuse or unwanted change.

  • Complies with USP/BP/JP/EP/IP/ASTM standards.

  • Quick & easy interchangeability from titration mode to Karl Fischer titration mode.

Watch a Video here:

Auto Titraitor | Karl Fischer Titrator Machine- Labindia #titration #titrator #autotitrator - YouTube

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