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Kinesis Chromatography Accesories

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We supply for ALL Chromatography Manufacturers

Kinesis LampsHPLC UHPLC2

Lamps (HPLC and AA)
HPLC spare parts and consumables including: Plungers and seals, check valves, in-line filters, guard columns, tubing, fittings, adapters and reservoir filters
These spare parts are available for:

  • Agilent
  • Shimadzu
  • Waters
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Hitachi
  • Dionex
  • Jasco
  • Thermo
  • Varian

Kinesis Parts 

Through Kinesis we can supply parts from any of the following reputable brands

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Rheodyne (IDEX Health & Science)

Rheodyne is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision high-pressure fluid valves and associated products for the scientific instrument industry.
Their passion for excellence has advanced their reputation as the foremost global experts in automated sample injection and fluid switching platforms.
Moreover, instrument engineers routinely look to Rheodyne’s development expertise for the design of complete, ready-to-install, fluid handling assemblies for liquid chromatography (HPLC) and other types of instrumentation.
“Innovation, Quality, and Performance” are the distinguishing characteristics of all Rheodyne products.
Rheodyne is part of IDEX Health & Science.
IDEX Health & Science is committed to delivering best-in-class products that meet our customers’ fluidic needs.



A Trajan Brand for Chromatography Consumables

SGE Analytical Science (SGE) is a world renowned brand for components and consumables used in scientific analysis including injection syringes, septa, ferrules, inlet liners and other accessories.
Primarily in the field of scientific glass engineering for liquid handling and separation science, since its beginnings in 1960, SGE has become the global market leader in niche areas such as autosampler syringes and GC inlet liners.
Completing the transition into Trajan after acquisition in 2013, SGE products make up a solid foundation of Trajan’s portfolio and will continue to be created and supported by Trajan customer service and distribution networks worldwide.


KX VaporSafe

KX VaporSafe™ Solvent Safety Products enable closed System operation of laboratory instruments.
KX VaporSafe Waste Manifolds address the problem of VOC in the laboratory atmosphere and other hazardous vapour emissions. The manifold connects the HPLC vapour-tight to the solvent waste container, while the activated carbon filter absorbs VOC vapours.
The range of bottle caps fit the solvent reservoirs. Secure tubing connections, built in particulate filters and valves prevent evaporation and contamination of any liquid media or mobile phases.


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Upchurch Scientific (IDEX Health & Science)

We are the Tier-1 supplier of Upchurch Scientific® high pressure fluid handling equipment, suitable for HPLC and UHPLC and general high pressure fluid applications.
Founded in 1975 by Paul Upchurch, Upchurch Scientific is the leading manufacturer of fittings, tubing and accessories for the demanding HPLC and UHPLC market. They offer break through quality technology for the  analytical, biotech, diagnostic and related liquid-transfer instrument markets.
Upchurch Scientific is part of IDEX Health & Science.
IDEX Health & Science is committed to delivering best-in-class products that meet our customers’ fluidic needs.